Thursday, January 22, 2009

And when did this happen?

There is always a sudden realization when you find out you NEED someone. Mine came tonite. Mark and I went out and hung around with friends, had some drinks. Generally, after a night out he ALWAYS comes in or stays, tonite he did neither of those things and just dropped me off. I hung around the house for a bit, sitting on the computer when it came time for bed and I got the hiccups. When i used to have hiccups I eat peanut butter or chug water while i plug my nose, tonite it didnt work. Twenty minutes go by and i still have the hiccups. Now, Mark always has this breathing trick that gets rid of them like that. I had to call him and he had to walk me through it....before they finally disapeared...

...My god...what have i come to?