Thursday, March 5, 2009

I feel totally hardcore right now

So today was quite eventfull, i went out and got my nose pierced, which at the moment hurts like a bitch. I bought a wig from some asian guy who i couldnt understand so i could wear it to work because i'm dying my hair blue and pinkkk, hooray!!! The wig, once i fuss with it a bit should look almost natural on my head, in pictures it looks pretty real but people who know me well will be able to tell the difference, but it looks fucking balling. For once in my life i can pretend i have curly hair. swiiiish...I'm off like a prom dress....

Monday, March 2, 2009

I don't make up titles for my writing, so it's up to whoever

Time flies by as it turns from daylight to dusk,
Some things forced and most are rushed,
Even if I wake at the crack of dawn,
No time to work on what I wanna work on,
And all those dreams of what I wanted to become,
Evaporate once negative words come from someone,
Because patience is lacking and the words I can't find,
Never come out the way I picture in my mind,
Desperate for compainionship but longing for solitude,
Hoping the faces I meet could see me the way you do,
And the words always slip in conversation,
Try hard to play it off in desperation,
And who I was then is not who I am now,
But the things I liked about old me are gone somehow,
Half filled journals are hidden under my bed,
Filled with thoughts and feelings I wish I never said,
My mind feels blank as the days are rushed,
And it feels when I speak I'm always hushed,
What do they think when they first meet me,
If I described myself in one word would they disagree,
Because I don't know the word I would use,
But somehow I know it would be verbal abuse,
Had these feelings so long don't remember a time,
When I wanted to claim that this life was mine,
And even if I filled these journals with all my own words,
Would these pages even have any worth?