Sunday, April 26, 2009

noise complaint

So yesturday i went to Central to see a free Big D and the kids table/streetlite manifesto show. It was great, Mark and I got real close to the stage for Big D and Streetlight was great as they usually are. A few of my friends showed up but they stayed back on lawn chairs and did nothing, while a bunch of Marks friends showed up and we ran around the school causing a rucus and drinking booze out of plastic waterbottles. After the show we saw Big D go walking by and we got to meet him and take pictures with him. He was a really cool dude, i like seeing musicians who still take the time for their fans. But anyway, leaving the campus, i looked over the school and reallly wished I took the time to apply for college while i was in high school. Or even just took the time to do well in community college while i was there. I'm so bored with my life lately. Today while Mark was at work i basically just stuck around at home, chilled out with my mom and some family, we had a cookout and then i cleaned my room. I know, exciting. I feel like i need to do more. I have two jobs to work, trying to get an apartment with my boyfriend but i don't feel i have accomplished anything.

I wanna go back to school. I want to start writing again or something...i just never have the motivation....annnnd...i never have. sooo how do i change that?

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the Music of the Night said...

hey there dearest!!
Go for it!! MCC has a great poetry/creative writing course! you should check it out!!.. annnndd You should go to CCSU with me andmy friend kelley!! hehehehe it would be uber amazing!