Thursday, February 14, 2013

where'd all the good people go?

So for a few weeks I've been seeing a chiropractor for my back, with little improvement, but he kept telling me it's a process so I told myself I just needed to be patient. I guess there were a signs along the way that make sense now but I decided to ignore. I'm on short term disability, completely unable to do my job, I had to take at least three weeks off of work to get better. I've been doing a trial with my chiropractor and today he wanted mark to come in so we could discuss where my treatment was to go from here. Right along he's been telling me that this is an injury caused by stress, just causing things to not line up properly and that after a few weeks I should be good as new. Then he starts telling me it could be 12 weeks to 8 months until i'm back to normal. He goes on and on about how he's not one of those doctors who wants you hanging around the office, and he wants to get you out of there as soon as possible. My thoughts going into this meeting were that he would give me exercises to do from home to help me improve my situation, and Mark was there so he understood was expected of me so he could help. Suddenly, he's launching into a story about how my back is totally out of alignment and that i'll need to be in therapy for over a year, in the beginning seeing him up to 3 times a week, or degeneration will begin. Now, hold on a second...why hadn't any of that come up in any of my prior sessions? In fact, when I think about it, he gave me no advice on what to do outside the office at all. Not even whether I should use ice or heat. And anytime I had gone to see him, I never felt even the slightest relief after a session...that's not how chiropractic medicine is supposed to work. Mark was pissed and I could tell, he was cold, and biting his tongue as much as he could. Me, I try to at least listen to a shpeal of bullshit and then never call the person back. So his receptionist/wife came in and went over the expenses, it would cost me over three thousand dollars to do this and a year of my time! oh but they had a great deal going on, put down half the money up front and they take off three hundred bucks! yeah right...

It just pisses me off. I went to that office because they were nice people, who seemed like they really could help me at a time where I was so lost and just so helpless, only to be scammed. I decided to call a physical therapy office in enfield, although they can't schedule me for a physical therapy evaluation until next Thursday she said she would have me meet with their chiropractor so I could get some relief. At that point I didn't even realize you could get relief from a chiropractor, I thought it was a "process." Also, before their chiropractors crack you, they loosen your muscles with like electodes and apply either ice or heat, because apparently, just cracking you isn't the most effective route to take. Anyway, I think that by taking action and strengthening the muscles in my back and neck, maybe getting a few massages and learning a few exercises at home, i'll be in much better hands and my wallet will be in much better shape as well.


Alison said...

Hi darlin'.

I wrote the book on this chiro stuff.

Here's my advice: If you feel better after going for a little while, keep going. They WILL periodically test you to see how your movement has changed and they will re-x-ray you.

I am holding out for my xray. A lot of chiros are total scammers. If you google chiro you will find TONS of info on it--they make outrageous claims like they can make you smarter, fix other health problems such as digestive issues, female issues, etc...

I think it's a lot like a placebo. A GOOD chiro can only claim to fix two things: your neck and your back.

I've been seeing my chiro for like 2-3 months now and they've never even asked me what kind of pillow I use/mattress I sleep on, how many hours I sit at a desk or am on my feet all's crazy.

i know exactly what you mean. Take it all with a grain of salt. You WILL feel better after each initial adjustment, because cracking your bones/knuckles etc releases ENDORPHINS into your blood stream. Of course. It makes you HAPPY. And it momentarily increases your range of motion, so they say "oh look you're healing!"


That being said, my neck bends backwards which it shouldnt. So I hope to see an improved xray. Otherwise I am still skeptical of their actual abilities.

PS: We need to get together and discuss all this stuff in person. I feel like we have a lot in common these days with the chiro, and of course I know all about how awful CVS was haha

Mary Jo said...

I can personally attest to the abilities of a good chiropractor. I have had a LOT of success with them. As far as helping digestive and female problems, I can also attest, that a GOOD chiro can help with that. My father has also had great success. Defnitely go with the one who does the heat/electrodes, because it truly makes the difference between an OK treatment and a GOOD treatment. It sounds like your new one is a better option! If you talk to them and they don't seem to be a good fit, I'd certainly reccomend the one my family sees. I've been going to them on and off for years, and only recently stopped because they aren't covered by my new insurance. I am sorry you had a crummy experience and hope this new one works for you!!!

streetlite_babe said...

Alison, not once after leaving his office, have I felt any sort of relief, not once! He just kept saying, "It's a process" and I kept believing him. No endorphins were released in my blood stream, nothing, this guy is a quack. he knew how totally inexperienced I was with this stuff, and he just wants to drag the treatment out as long as possible to get my money. We need to get together, i'm housebound and going fucking insane because everything since this back issue has come up has not been going right, I need to vent!!