Thursday, October 28, 2010

starting over

So today is the first day i was able to pull myself out of bed without sleeping for 12 hours...i feel pretty good actually. For the past week and a half i have been bed ridden, feeling just completly fatigued and unable to stand for more than a few minutes without getting dizzy. I had to go to the ER on tuesday, where they tested me for everything they could think of but came back with nothing. The one thing that i'm still waiting for results on is to see if i have lyme disease, which would suck but i can live with would at least be an explanation as to why when i get sick, i get fucking real sick. Yesturday, i was feeling ok, a few dizzy spells and a bit fatigued but the color finally returned to my cheeks, thank you doxycycline. Mark and i had a massive cleaning frenzy yesturday, well i did the dishes, he vacumed and straightened up and cleaned the bathroom...have to say, i've never seen him so sexy in my life.

We talked with his parents yesturday and it's official, we'll be moving in with them december first. Can't say this was our first choice but we are really bogged down with bills. We've cut food shopping from our budget for a few months now and its really getting to us. Plus, we want to buy a house and get our lives off the ground as soon as possible and this is the only way we'll save any of our money. Also, i have to take out a loan and buy a new car this month as mine has officially shit the bed and i have maxed out my credit card. I know this arrangment will start actually getting to me around january 1st. I love his mom, i really do...and i mean this in the nicest way but she is the definition of the mother. She offers you just about everything she has the second you step in the door. "Cup of tea? Let me warm up some food for you? Are you cold, heres a blanket? You need an aspirin? Oh you can't take that without food, heres apple sauce and hot chocolate." and believe me, i love being treated like a princess as much as the next girl but a lot of days after i get out of work or school, i just want to go to my room, kick up my feet and lay down and not talk to anyone for at least 45 minutes. It's really going to suck having no privacy to speak of and sex will be nearly impossible as mark has the squeekest bed known to man kind, which means doing it on the floor...which also means rug burn. ugh...

Today i go back to school and after a week of being so sick and even unable to open up a school book, needless to say i am really behind. Especally in my spanish class. I have a quiz next week and i dont even know what its on yet. Tommorrow i'll be returning to work and i am dreading it. I called out for a week, so they are going to be real pissed at me when i finally come back. I just cant wait to get the cold shoulder from everyone and that talking to from Nate, that he has been treatening me with all week. I understand the frustration, that they have most likely been really short handed all week, but i was jsut too sick to come in. I know this isn't the first time i've called out but i really can't help it. This year has been HELL and i'm really starting to think my reputation is never going to change there. I'm also begining to realize that with the job i have and hours i work it's making me a miserable mess. I need to start looking for something else because this job is reallly killing me in every sense of the word. I am completly unhappy there... and thats really the main thing in my life i wanna fix within this upcoming year.

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the Music of the Night said...

relax, you were sick, they've dealt with it for other people, and they can deal with it from you. If they give you shit let me know. Because, They were largely covered for the shifts you were out.. and wednesday last week was dead, and yesterday i went in at 6pm and there were 10 scripts in the que.. Don't worry about it. Glad you're feeling better!