Sunday, July 29, 2012

realizations through packing

I've suspected it all along but this weekend has further proved many facts to me. Say, i had someone pack up all my possessions for me, i believe they would suspect somehow a couple children won the lottery and managed to buy a house. It is fucking ridiculous the amount of shit Mark and I own and also, it is laughable how childish most of our shit is. Here are a few examples of random shit i have discovered through packing this weekend.

  • We own SOOO much star wars shit, it is not even funny. I don't think we have a single box packed that that does not have some form of star wars related memorbelia in it. Yet shockingly, we do not own even one of the star wars movies on vhs, dvd, or otherwise. 
  • I own at least, and i am not exagerating here, 100 pairs of shoes. Granted, my aunt is a shoe fanatic and when she went through her closet a few months ago i must have aquired at least, 30 pairs of shoes. Yet somehow, i generally wear about 4 pairs of these shoes...tops. 
  • Our lives must look as though they are completly run by video games. We have a nintendo wii, an xbox 360, a playstation II, an original playstatin, a sega genesis, a sega dreamcast (!), The original nintendo, nintendo 64, every other nintendo known to man (super nintendo, original gameboy, gameboy color, basically every gameboy known to man at least twice over). The only game systems i can think of that we don't own are playstation 3 and atari)
  • i own waaaaay too many stuffed animals than a 23 year old should own. I have at the very least, 7, count that again, 7 bags stuffed to brim with stuffed animals. And i have not thrown a single one that i have encountered away. This proves that i get sent to the hospital way too much. for instance, when i had my galbladder out in december, i recieved, i believe, 6 stuffed animals while in the hospital. Two days later was christmas, i think that christmas i recieved, about 6 more. 
  • My parents should never have found out i enjoy Hello kitty. I found at least 10 small hello kitty plush stuffed animals. they also purchased me a hello kitty toaster and alarm clock. This does not count pocket mirrors, lip glosses, assorted tiny action figures and over absolutly ridiculous etc. items with that fucking cat with a bow. 
  • For some reason we have like 20 sets of salt and pepper shakers. none are serious. One is penguins that wind up and slide across the table, tinkerbell, and my favorite, giraffes. 
  • I have taken this animal print fade waaaay too far. Blankets, figurines, expensive candle holders, my clothes, shoes, pillows, (various) bags including but not limited to, backpacks, pocket books, wallets, hats, pj pants, fucking, anything you can think of.
  • we have too many guitars for a family of two, where only one knows how to actually play the fucking instrument. also, amplifiers, guitars and equipment GET IN THE FUCKING WAY when packing, especially when you dont have a moving truck.
  • neither of us can ever throw ANYTHING away. I stumbled apon random legos that mark made me keep. mark stumbled upon random slips of paper with just a few lines written on them i made him keep. 
  • My cat refuses to cooperate when packing. He has one toy he loves and has had since he was 4 months old, this tiny mouse we affectionatly names "house mouse" a threw most of his toys into a box and went along packing, a few hours later, came back to the box to find the only toy missing was house mouse. This happened at least two more times before i threw the lid on the box and took it away.
  • i have bought/recieved as gifts waaaay too much stuff from partylite. And this makes packing very difficult because almost everything is fragile. 
  • i have packed at least 20 garbage bags of clothes and this is not all of them, i have tons in the wash or about to be washed. but how, may i ask you, is it that i only wear about the same 7 tshirts and like 3 pairs of the same pants? 
  • I found at least 30 bottles of perfume, but i only wear one
  • why do i have paychecks from cvs that i got from my first two weeks of working there?
  • how do we have four boxes of shot glasses but i quit drinking?
more to come when the UNpacking begins...

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