Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 days of christmas


Do you see this pile of leaves? The picture does not do it justice, it's mamoth and would be even bigger if all the leaves in my tiny yard were actually in it. It's December second, that pile was made in October. When Mark and I moved in we had an agreement, I do all the laundry and he does the yard work. Guess what? He has clean clothes but I have a crummy lawn :( The thing that also ticks me off is that yesturday it was snowing and i didn't take a picture, a much better way to start off this photo challenge. 

                                             DEC 2ND: FAVORITE HOLIDAY MOVIE
I bought this bad boy at Walmart for nine bucks yesturday. I love Rudolph aside from the sexism, mean, unaccepting people of the North Pole...etc. 

It's my first Christmas in my new home. I had this place decked out not even a week after Thanksgiving. Pretty much everything is Christmas. Mark and I got our tree on Thursday, and my god does it smell good in here. As a kid i never had the luxury of having a real tree but the year Mark and I moved out for the first time and lived on our own, we got one and I was hooked. Granted, your fake plastic tree is a lot less work, no worries about that thing falling off the roof of your car, or vacuming up pine needles, or having to water it or even waiting to get it (just pull it up from the basement). But i love the smell of a real tree, and I like a tree that has character. This is the first year Toots has actually seen a christmas tree. So far he hasn't climbed it or knocked off any ornaments although he is eating it. Cats are carnivores so why my cat is so hungry for pine needles, I will never understand.

Seeing as my parents are living the condo life and have limited parking, space in the condo and all the rest, we're doing Christmas eve at my house this year. I'm a little nervous, my parents usually go all out for this thing. Amazing food, prizes and games, etc. I'm trying not to disapoint but we're kinda strapped for cash right now. Do you know how much oil is? The begining of october we put 100 gallons in our tank and it cost us over three hundred bucks! Guess what, it's Decemeber and we're already down to an eighth of a tank...luckily, I'm almost done Christmas shopping.

I leave you with pictures of my amazing family.

As you can see baby Toots is intrigued by this whole tree idea, but is still too afraid to sleep under it. Can't wait to get a picture of that.

Baby Pikachu, she's feeling much better and is starting to ever so slowly warm up to me. Last night i was up in my office and she actually came out of her igloo and was running around the cage, climbing and peeping (it's still quiet but i know as she gets older she will have quite a set of lungs on her.) It was as if she was putting on a show for me and wanted to tell me about her day. Fucking adorable. I feel bad leaving her up in that office, guinea pigs are really social animals and love to be in the center of all the action but I visit and hold her any chance i get, even if it's just poking my head in to have a little chat. Maybe i can convince santa to bring her a brother or sister.

OH! speaking of which! my aunts dog might be pregnant because she's lazy and didn't get her dogs neutered or spayed. Anyway, Bella is a beagle/weiner dog mix and Cody is a shiba Inu. Google shiba inu...they are the most fucking adorable dogs and if she does in fact have puppies i get first pick of the pups. Our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger...

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