Thursday, March 14, 2013

23 going on 84

So I've been noticing some comical things I've been doing and saying that make me feel really old. I needed a new pair of sneakers and I was bored on Monday before work so I went to platos closet to see if they had any cheap shoes in my size (notice I love saving money, the good thing, I wasn't carrying around coupons). I found a pair of chuck taylors relatively close to my size and I was about to try them, I haven't owned a pair since high school and thought hey they go with everything I should get a pair, then I thought about my back and said, "oh they have terrible arch support," and I walked away from them. it wasn't until a few days later that I wanted to kick myself in the teeth, i'm fucking 23, why the fuck should I care about arch support?

While my back was hurting, I was on an anti-inflammatory, I had to take it with food and couldn't lay down for like 20 minutes after taking it or i'd get heart burn. I waited too long to eat one day because my family was going to Texas roadhouse for dinner for my moms birthday. My brothers picked me up and I told them to rush because, "I need to eat so I can take my back pill." I sounded like a 101 year old man. I also noticed this when I first was diagnosed with acid reflux. My dad would offer me coffee or orange juice the morning after I slept over their house, "Oh no, I didn't bring my medicine, I'll be regretting it all day."

I also started enjoying listening to Fleetwood Mac, waking up at 7am, thinking that 11pm is too late at night, and complaining that music is too loud. I always considered myself an old soul but this is getting ridiculous. I'm off to find a punk show close by and get sloppy drunk so I can act my age...

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