Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So two of my friends are getting married this summer, the wedding is in Vermont and up until this week when I received my invitation I wasn't even sure I was invited. well, every time I see this friend she makes me feel unappreciated, belittles me and has made me cry the last like 5 times I've seen her. We don't talk. she comes to town and doesn't call me and if she does, we see eachother for maybe an hour. Anyway, the friendship has been downhill for years and I don't even care for her much. The same weekend is an amaaazzzzing music festival in Canada, Rancid, the dropkick murphys, social distortion, mighty mighty bosstones, Against me (basically every single one of my favorite bands in one place!!) the tickets are about two hundred bucks for me and Mark and that's not counting a hotel, food and gas, but if we can swing it, we are going and skipping the wedding. Does that make me a bad person?


Alison said...

No, it doesn't make you a bad person. But do think about the future--if you guys make up, you've missed one of the most important days (if not THE most important day) in the life of these friends.

That being said, I've been in two weddings and I don't speak to either of those people anymore. So yeah, I shared their big day, but it didn't mean anything.

Just choose carefully, pick whichever you'll regret least. And be prepared for people not to understand when you explain that you chose a concert over a wedding--because they probably won't ;)

Mary Jo said...

you could always tell her you already had purchased the tickets and are oing to be in canada.