Wednesday, July 28, 2010

caught in the middle

I went out for a few beers with my dad last night. i had a really nice time. We sat around talking about the family, issues hes having and generally bullshitting about random stuff. It's nice because we haven't really talked like adults in a long time. I felt like we really connected and he trusts me. My mom called this morning to ask what we talked about. I felt fine concealing personal things that she had told me while we are together, so i should do the same for my dad. I'm stuck in the middle, i want to be there for both of them. I am not here to pick sides. I'm just trying to understand everyones position and also be there when i know they both need me most. i know my mom is just worried. i completly understand that she cant talk to him right now but i dont wanna blab whatever he says. I dont want to be caught in the crossfire and when one finds out i said something suddenly im not trusted. i want to do what i can for this family but i dont want to get so involved that its affecting my personal life...which is...

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