Wednesday, January 16, 2013

enough is enough

I didn't look over my shoulder as I left last night, it was just the pharmacist and two girls who aren't trained. I felt bad but I tried not to, I had a zumba class to attend. the three people who called out yesterday, I wish it was their problem but I know my pharmacist will be pulling me aside and asking me why I didn't stay. because im done. because im done coming home and being this angry monster to my fiancé. i'm done weighing 185 pounds. I am done going the extra mile for assholes and being friends with assholes. im done not being appreciated. I am done living in anxiety attacks and needed Xanax to fall asleep and forget. I am done pacing this house, afraid, scared lonely and anxious, dwelling on stupid shit AND WORK!! this is not what I signed up for, this is not in my job description. I am not an executive, this is not a career. you wanna yell at me for not staying past my scheduled shift, fine. Im gonna go fucking live my life....

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