Monday, January 7, 2013

new additions

I met my puppy for the second time this weekend. His eyes are still shut and he can't walk or anything but he got a little bit bigger, I cant wait until the end of February and we can bring him home. I'm worried about the adjustment, my two main concerns being Toots and Mark. Mark is really excited to have a dog of his own, he's never had one before but Mark isn't the type of person to be out of bed before noon for any reason other than work. I'm really really hoping that with the addition to our family, he takes the initiative to let the dog out and make sure he's fed. I'm worried about Toots because he's kind of a cocky jerk. Most of Toot's life he has been trapped in one bedroom or a one room house, when we moved in he became king of the castle, or so he thinks. I don't know how he's going to feel sharing his living space with a stinky puppy. I'm just excited to have someone to take walks with and give me kisses when I walk in the door (although I have toots and mark for that).

he's only about the size of my guinea pig right now, and looks like he has a lot more beagle in him then shibba inu which makes me nervous. I had a beagle growing up and that dog was trouble. I loved her to death but all she ever learned was how to sit, shake paws and escape. oh and eat out of the trash to the point where we had to leave it on the counter...

Marks birthday is today. We went to the casino yesterday, we didn't win and his friends who stayed in the hotel down the street neglected to call us over or show up until we were leaving, but we had a good time none the less. I felt bad, after Christmas and mortgage payment and wanting to go to the casino, we had no funds to buy him a birthday present. I feel bad because my dad's birthday is in December and he always got the short end of the stick because of holidays. I'm thinking of throwing Mark a half birthday in June to make up for 24 years of that shit, give him the birthday he really deserves.

It really sucks being at this age, I went against one of my new years resolutions and called a few people on Saturday, a lot of people just ignored my call, some said they would be over in a bit and never showed (Alison, you are not in either category, I appreciate you at least responding back to me :)) Anyway, the night ended with me in a fit of tears, kicking myself and asking why I try and shutting my phone off for two days. Which turned out to be a good thing because when I turned it back on today, I had a thousand phone calls and texts from cvs asking me to come in. Go figure, when I go back to work tomorrow it wont be the techs who called out that get yelled at, it will be me for not coming in on a day I requested off two months ago. Fuck it.


Alison said...

Aww. I saw that photo earlier and I couldn't tell if it was a puppy or a guinea pig! Either way SOOO cute.

And I will always respond to you! At the very least through texts. :) Until my battery dies that is! Hey do you go to Gold's Gym with Mary? I'm thinking of starting up, maybe that would be something fun for the three of us to do together?

Let me know :)

Mary Jo said...


streetlite_babe said...

I do indeed have a membership and need to get my ass in shape. we should take a zumba class